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I'm so excited to share with you my latest happenings and upcoming projects. Feel free to browse around, drool over the beautiful photos, or read blurbs and excerpts of my works. I love to hear from you so send me a message from the Contact page. You can also find me on Facebook at trina.lane.books You can also follow me on Twitter @TrinaLane.

Current Projects

I know...I know...I've been really bad about updating this website lately. But I'm hoping all those frustrated feeling can be put aside now that I can share Shards in the Sun if available NOW on general release. This book has been in the works at various stages since 2015 and as you can imagine has taken root in a deep place of my heart.

I am currently polishing up the ending of my Perfect Reunion book and my goal it to have in the hands of the publisher by the end of the month. As soon as I can share the details I'll let you know!

My next WIP will be a sequel to Shards in the Sun, featuring one of the secondary characters. This wasn't intended to be a series, but he just kept demanding more attention. So who am I to say no?

Thank you to all my readers who send me wonderful messages of support!