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Dreams Do Come True

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Sean Fitzpatrick ran his hand over the smooth hard surface before him. The sleek form designed to give its admirer a fantastic ride. His fingers tingled with the knowledge that all this belong to him. The rapid beat of his heart revealed his excitement. This kayak was his favorite in the inventory. The last time he'd taken it out had been at the end of the season last year. That day the sun shone bright in the sky and the water caressed the side of the hull as he sliced through the rapids. The most beautiful sight of the day however was the man who filled his dreams.

Morgan O'Connell's bare arms glistened with sweat and drops of water as he powered down the class five rapids. His dark brown hair burst with hues of gold under the sun. The deep pleasure filled laughter rumbling from Morgan's chest floated on the air. It had taken all Sean's skill to maintain his concentration on the river that day.

That night as they sat beside their campfire he'd wanted nothing more than to slide closer to Morgan, and take the man in his arms. He cursed their decision years before to keep things between them platonic because his feelings ran much deeper than mere friendship. He'd been in love with Morgan for years. Aside from that damn pact one thing or another had always prevented him from breaking out of their comfort zone.

All of their friends joked about his and Morgan's bromance. The two foster brothers were closer than could be understood by a casual acquaintance. Consequently his love life usually consisted of empty mockeries of a relationship. His physical needs satisfied but his heart aching for the only man who could complete him, if only he would.

"Hey boss, Jimmy and I are heading out for lunch you wanna join us?"

He looked over at Cameron his part time employee, and shook his head. "No thanks. I've got more work to do in here. Have to finish this inventory today. You guys all set for the guide training course this weekend?"


"How many have pre-purchased their equipment?"

"Nearly three quarters of the class. It was good thinking to offer the gear at wholesale price."

Sean smiled at the exuberant twenty something man. "That's why I own the joint." He tapped the side of his forehead. "Always thinkin' ahead."

Cameron took several more steps into the room, lowering his voice, "And what were you thinking about right before I walked in? I couldn't tell if you were horny, sad or constipated."

"I'll have you know I was thinking about Morgan's and my run down Robe Canyon last fall."

"Ahh, so horny and sad then." Cameron picked up a high-end whitewater paddle, and pretended to examine the carbon composite shaft. "Are you ever going to tell him?"

He nodded. "You know we're the only family each other has ever had, and yet becoming a real family is what we fear most."

"You're brothers, friends and the love of each other's lives, currently in that order. The fear of loosing one is greater than the hope of gaining all three. You have to decide if you're going to let the fear control you or brave the rapids and experience the biggest thrill of your lives."

Sean was shocked at the intense intellectualism coming from Cameron. The man whose personality screamed free flying, thrill seeking playboy. "When did you get so damn smart?"

Cameron shrugged his shoulders. "I'm more than just a pretty face. But don't tell anyone... I have a reputation to maintain."

Sean watched as Cameron left, whistling the tune Let's Get It On. He let his mind drift back to the fall evening by the campfire. Morgan's deep brown eyes were nearly black in the low light. The light from the fire flickered on his cheekbones. His lips slightly open, and in Sean's eye begging for a kiss. He imagined their heads tilting, the distance closing. He licked his lower lip in anticipation, and heard Morgan's moan. Only millimeters separated their mouths- and in his imagination? Sean sealed the gap, discovering what heaven tasted like.

* * * *

A scream knifed through the air while simultaneously the shrill ring of the phone bombarded Morgan's uncaffinated brain. He turned to reach for the handset on the wall, but halted as Bridget let out another cry. Well at least he knew his daughter had good lungs.

"Hold on baby. Daddy has to get the phone."

He chose to hit the speaker button instead of attempt to hold the receiver and feed Bridget her oatmeal.

"Hello?" Morgan answered.

"How are my favorite caped crusaders this morning?"

"Sean! It's good to hear your voice."

Morgan lifted another spoonful of oatmeal to Bridget's mouth, and laughed as the mush smeared across her round little cheek when she turned her head to the speaker, hearing Sean's voice echo in the kitchen.

"I think someone else is glad to hear your voice too. This is the quietest she's been for the past twelve hours."

"Did my sweetheart have a rough night?"

Morgan knew Sean was talking about Bridget, but he wished the endearment had been meant for him. "She's teething. We ended up pacing the floor of her room half the night."

"Well don't you worry. Uncle Sean is coming to the rescue tonight. I'll take over tooth duty, so you can get some sleep."

Morgan smiled at the thought of Sean pacing the treads of his hardwood floors upstairs, Bridget wrapped in a blanket as he cooed lullabies. Then when she'd fallen asleep Sean would silently make his way down the hall and climb into their bed, where strong arms would wrap around him as they slept. Or maybe he'd greet his lover with a smile and blow job for volunteering to get up.

Wait a second! Where did that come from? Sean is not my lover. He's my brother. My friend. No matter how much I wish we could be more.

"Morgan? You there?"

"Yeah, sorry. What time you think you'll get in tonight?"

"Assuming traffic isn't too horrendous around six. Is that cool?"

"No problem. If we're not home yet just let yourself in. And Sean?"


"We're really looking forward to seeing you. Two months is too long."

"I know. I have some ideas on that I want to talk over with you this weekend."

"Anything serious?"

"See you tonight pumpkin!"

Sean hung up before answering his question, and Morgan was baffled by the enigmatic statement. Sean currently lived in Leavenworth, approximately three hours Northwest of Seattle, where he and Bridget lived. The small town, known for it Bavarian atmosphere, was close to Steven's Pass? a popular ski resort? and the Icicle and Wenatchee Rivers, making it an ideal location for Sean's rafting and ski shop. Morgan loved the small town of about two thousand snuggled at the base of the Cascade Mountains. Snowy in the winter and sunny in the summer the little hamlet welcomed visitors year round. He'd often thought of relocating there since Sean had opened his shop, but one thing or another always prevented him from completing the move.

At first he'd gotten the great job as a financial advisor with Cleary and Mueller. Then he'd met Brad, and next thing he knew five years had passed. When Brad announced he wasn't ready for fatherhood only a month before Bridget's birth, he went into shock. They'd spent a year talking about becoming parents and when his old college roommate offered to be the surrogate he thought it was fate. Their relationship quickly disintegrated into a stinky pile of ash running rivers of black across the earth as if ice water had been thrown on it. Now he was a single father. Living in a house he didn't love? with a large mortgage he hated? and sleeping in an empty bed where he imagined his best friend and foster brother. Looking back he recognized that he'd never really loved Brad, only used him as a place holder in the family he so desperately wanted to create.

He looked down to find that after Sean hung up, he'd continued to feed his daughter her oatmeal on autopilot, and now the bowl was empty. He wiped her face, and lifted her from her highchair only to be gifted with two small oatmeal filled hands smearing mush down his shirt and tie. Well that would teach him to not keep an eagle eye on little hands near food. He shook his head at Bridget's laughter when he settled her on his hip.

"You think that was funny huh? I'll show you funny missy."

He lifted Bridget over his head, and blew a giant raspberry on her stomach. Baby girl giggles rained down and as he looked into the matching dark brown eyes of his ten month old daughter he once again fell head over heels in love.

They ran upstairs so he could change his shirt and tie. He set Bridget on her blanket on the floor next to the bed. She had a few toys to amuse herself with. Looking into his closet he grabbed a dark blue dress shirt and a silver, dark blue, and purple striped tie. He knew Sean loved him in blue. The man always said it made his dark brown hair more vibrant. This shade of blue actually reminded him of Sean's eyes. That's why he loved the shirt. Whenever he wore it he was reminded of the man who haunted his dreams. Soft light brown hair he wanted to run his fingers through, blue eyes that could sparkle with laughter or smolder with intensity. Those eyes spoke volumes more than the lips he longed to kiss. How would Sean's hands, callused from years in the outdoors, feel sliding across his skin? How would they feel wrapped around his cock? The organ in question jerked at the thought, and brought him out of his fantasy.

He slipped the end of his tie through the knot, and looked over at Bridget's blanket. Not seeing her where he left her, he whipped his head around just in time to see her padded behind wiggle through the bedroom door. Ever since she'd figured out how to crawl, he'd been running around like a chicken with his head cut off.

"Come back here Houdini!"

Man it's a good thing I installed that gate at the top of the stairs last month. Next thing I know she's going to be walking, then running and dear god help me the boys start calling.

He took off, and caught Bridget only a few feet into the hallway.

"Well aren't you a little smarty pants. Don't be so sneaky you give daddy a heart attack okay munchkin." He stepped through the gate and headed down the stairs. "It's time to leave for daycare, and when I pick you up tonight Sean will be here. We get to spend the whole weekend with our favorite man."

He gathered their gear, double checking to make sure there were enough bottles and diapers in her bag. As he opened the door the sun peaked out from behind the perpetual Seattle clouds and he knew it was going to be a great weekend.

* * * *

Sean glanced at his clock on the dash of his car. The numbers taunted him as they changed to read 6:00pm. He was so late. Not only would Sean be waiting at the house, but the daycare people would be extremely annoyed. He'd phoned ahead to tell them, but he was sure an extra charge would be tacked on to his bill at the end of the month. He took solace in the fact that it was not his fault. There was a big wreck on interstate five and he'd sat in a jam for a half hour before moving a measly thirty feet. He made the turn onto Marion and saw the sign for Rainbow Connection Daycare on his right. The name always made him snicker not only for its reference to the Muppet song, but the lovely irony that a gay man used their services for his child. Despite the funny name it was recently voted the best day care in Seattle, and he was proud the staff was a part of Bridget's development.

He was fortunate that someone pulled out of a spot right in front of the building just as he pulled up. He slid his brand new Nissan Altima Hybrid into the spot, and jogged up to the front doors. As walked down the halls to the area designated for infants and toddlers he saw other classrooms for the two year olds and pre-kindergarten kids. He reached for the door handle to Bridget's room, and pulled the portal open. He heard his daughter's babble over in the corner. When she came into view he saw she was intently watching Gabby, her personal caregiver, build a tower of blocks. Her hand swept out and the blocks tumbled to the carpet.

"Oh-oh pumpkin, the blocks fell," He called out.

The little bald head swung his way, short arms reached for the sky and bright brown eyes twinkled in greeting.


He scooped up his daughter, gave her a good squeeze and a kiss on his cheek. "Were you a good girl, did you have fun today?"

"She had an excellent day Mr. O'Connell," Gabby said, picking up the blocks on the floor.

"Great. Thank you so much for staying late Gabby." He turned back to his daughter. "You ready to go home? We have a big weekend planned don't we?"

He searched around for Bridget's diaper bag, and snatched it up. Then spied her blanket in the corner of her play area, and ran over to grab it only to spy her favorite glow worm doll on the opposite side. He shuddered to think of the nights ahead if he didn't have the glow worm Sean had given her a few months ago.

"Everything okay Mr. O'Connell?"

"It's fine, we're really late. My best friend is visiting us this weekend, and I told him we'd be home by six o'clock. I hate making him wait for us."

Gabby helped pack away Bridget's things then handed the filled back to her father. "Mr. O'Connell can I ask you something?"

He adjusted Bridget on his hip, walking towards the door of the classroom. "Sure."

"Are you seeing anyone?"

Morgan stopped dead, and turned his head towards Gabby. Although he didn't broadcast his preferences, he thought Gabby was aware he was gay.

"No, no, no. Not for me! My cousin Jeremy recently broke up with his boyfriend, and I've thought the two of you would be perfect for each other."

"I appreciate the vote of confidence Gabby, but I really don't have any extra time to date between work and raising Bridget. She's my number one concern."

"Oh sure, I understand. Just thought I'd ask. Never hurts you know. If I could say one more thing? Finding the right person will only enrich Bridget's life, so don't close yourself off to opportunities. It's not selfish for you to find happiness."

He nodded his head briskly then walked out the door.

* * * *

Morgan drove across Lake Washington towards his Bellevue home. Bridget's babble slowly quieting as the car ride soothed her to sleep in the backseat. He thought about Gabby's last words. It wasn't finding the right person that worried him. He knew who that was. Unfortunately he also knew Sean and him would never be more than brothers and friends. The prospect of dating duds and attempting to find a man willing to take on a ready made family held no appeal. He was ultimately better off spending his energy trying to be the best dad he could.

As he pulled into his driveway he saw Sean's Toyota 4Runner parked up next to the garage. Bridget woke up the moment he lifted her from the car seat and they headed into the house. When he opened the front door he scented something delicious wafting from kitchen. Sean walked into the living room with a huge smile on his face. The sight of Sean dressed in hip hugging blue jeans and worn T-shirt, which molded perfectly to his bulging biceps and caressed his tight stomach, made Morgan's mouth water.

"There they are!" Sean exclaimed. He held out his arms, taking Bridget from Morgan. "How's my favorite girl?"


Oh how I wish he were your other daddy, baby.

"What smells so good?" Morgan asked.

"I made chicken parmesan. It's simmering on the stove and ready to eat."

Morgan gave Sean's free hand a squeeze. "Thank you. I'm sorry we're so late."

"It's cool. So what is our little miss eating for dinner these days?"

They walked into the kitchen and Morgan's eyes were riveted to Sean's perfect ass the whole way.

"Since you made chicken we can puree' that, and mix in some veggies. I'll cut up a papaya for desert. She's really into finger foods right now, so be on guard for flying debris. We'll give her a bottle before bedtime."

They all sat down to dinner and Morgan kept stealing glances of Sean out of the corner of his eye. The man took to baby care like a natural, and he was confident in Sean's skills. It was nice to be able to eat dinner without having to simultaneously feed a ten month old.

"So Morgan, any new prospects on the horizon?"

Sean saw Morgan shake his head, and couldn't help but feel relieved.

"Any particular reason why?"

"We can't have what we want, so why bother with substitutes."

Holy crap! The heat coming from Morgan's eyes nearly knocked him to the floor. Could it be that Morgan was getting tired of their platonic agreement as well? He stared into the dark brown eyes across the table from him, and tried to read the meaning behind the words. All of a sudden his concentration was broken when a cold, wet and sticky mess hit his cheek.

"I warned you," Morgan said, laughing.

Sean wiped his cheek with the napkin then turned to see a single tooth smile grinning back at him. Seeing that goofy grin solidified his resolve to come clean with Morgan this weekend.

"Do you think it's possible for the two of us to go out alone sometime this weekend?"

Morgan nodded. "I already asked the neighbor if she would watch Bridget for a few hours. I rather eagerly anticipated some adult time for us."

Sean wondered just how adult Morgan was willing to go.

"Excellent. Then tomorrow night you're all mine."

* * * *

They sat in a quiet corner of the Waterfront Seafood Grill on the tip of pier seventy. The sun began to set and Elliot Bay was awash of dark orange and deep blue through the wall of glass surrounding the intimate contemporary interior. A small candle flickered at the center of their table. Sean enjoyed the live jazz piano drifting from the front of the restaurant. They'd already enjoyed their duck confit salad, and were awaiting their roasted Maine lobster tails.

After quietly catching up on each others lives they were suddenly at an impasse. A very unfamiliar place for Morgan and him to be. Maybe it was the romantic atmosphere or the sexual tension hovering over the table. Morgan looked so good in black suit with crisp white shirt and dark green tie. Sean wanted to undue each button and kiss his way down Morgan's chest. He wanted to release the tie and secure Morgan to the bed, so he could intimately explore his love's body inch by inch.

Their hands reached for each other across the table, and fingers locked together. Morgan's warm skin felt so good against his. Sean's breathing became shallow as he stared into the dark brown eyes burning with desire across from him.

"It's time Morgan. I can't hold back any longer."

A shiver rippled down the strong lean form of the man he loved. Sean saw the questions in Morgan's eyes. He heard Morgan's breath catch, and the fingers locked with his tightened.

"I've loved you for years Morgan O'Connell. I love Bridget, and even though she's technically yours...I want her to be mine."

"Do you realize what you're saying Sean?"


Sean watched as Morgan processed his confession. In the space of several heartbeats he saw confusion, anticipation, arousal and acceptance cross his features. The last one made him release a pent up breath, and he smiled. Sean wished he could lean across the table and kiss Morgan right that instant. Instead he sat back as the waiter delivered their entrees.

When they left the restaurant Sean's hand settled on his lower back. They walked around the pier and watched the waters lapping at the pillars. The night air was slightly cool, and Sean's arm around his waist was warm. They reached the edge of the walkway, and Morgan turned to face the man he'd loved for years. He couldn't believe that Sean wanted them. Sean wanted to take their relationship to the next level and become the family he'd always dreamed of having. His hand lifted to Sean's cheek. His thumb grazed Sean's lower lip. The atmosphere crackled around them. Their eyes held each others, and he tilted his head. After years of longing their lips meshed and Morgan finally understood the meaning of the word rapture. Sean's tongue slid across his lower lip, seeking entry, and he melted into the embrace. The initial tentativeness of their mating disappeared, and a searing kiss exploded.

Their arms wrapped tight around each other. Tongues probed, teased and thrust inside each other's mouths. He tugged Sean's hips closer, fingers latching onto the belt loops of his pants. Sean's lips traced a fiery path across his jaw and down the side of his neck. Morgan's cock throbbed with arousal. He felt Sean's response pulsing against him as they arched into each other. He loathed to stop, but knew before long the brief space in time which had given them privacy for their moonlight stroll would elapse, and the pier would be filled with men and women seeking to enjoy the spring evening.

"Take me home Morgan. I need you."

"No Sean, we need you."

* * * *

Sean and Morgan tucked Bridget into her crib. He turned on the crib toy which emitted soft glowing lights and new age melodies. Carefully they backed out of the room, and silently shut the door. Sean took Morgan's hand and led him down the hall to the master bedroom. He'd been in Morgan's room countless times, but never with the intent to make love and sleep in the man's arms.

The experience on the pier had left him starving for more. He'd never experienced a passion like that found with Morgan. They kissed in the darkened room, and he heard a soft whimper escape from Morgan.

"I love you Sean. Take me. I need to feel you on top of me."

He opened Morgan's shirt, one button at a time. His lips kissed each inch of skin as it was revealed. When he bared the dark brown nipples on Morgan's firm chest, he sucked them between his teeth. Licking and nibbling on the hardened buds, he relished Morgan's gasps and cries for more. Hands scrambled on each other's clothes until flesh met flesh, and deep groans of contentment floated into the air.

Sean lowered Morgan onto the bed and leaned over him. Their cocks brushed and the pre-cum leaking from their heads mingled, slickening their skin as they rubbed against one another. He lowered his head and licked at the blended flavors, moaning at the exquisite taste. He sucked the head of Morgan's cock between his lips. Swiped his tongue across the spongy plum top, and slid down the iron hard length. Morgan's cock filled his mouth to perfection. Wide enough to stretch his lips and the length filled his mouth and throat.

Morgan cried out at the feel of Sean's mouth wrapped around his cock. It was so much more than physical. He'd never been made love to like this before, and he heard himself pleading for more. Physical sensation and emotions coursed through him, overwhelming in their intensity. He gave himself to Sean as his lover expertly worked his throbbing flesh. He knew his orgasm wasn't far away when his balls lifted and a tingling sensation shot down his spine.

"Sean...Sean...soon. Oh God, soon."

Sean lifted his head from Morgan's cock. "Go ahead baby. I want to see you come."

Morgan squeezed the base of his cock to stall the eruption Sean's words threatened to cause. Their lips met in another feverish kiss. Morgan wrapped his arms around Sean's back, grasping the muscles and arching into the large body above him. He loved the feel of a man on top of him. The press of another body pushing him into the mattress. The heat of skin on skin. Sweat slick flesh sliding together. He reached beneath his pillow, and held out the well used tube of lube.

Sean picked up the bottle, and flipped open the cap. Squeezing out a good amount onto his fingers he reached between Morgan's legs and probed at the tight ring of muscle guarding Morgan's entrance. He knew Morgan's hadn't been with anyone since Brad nearly a year ago, so he took his time preparing him. The velvet heat clutching at him, when one finger breached Morgan's channel, made him moan. Slowly he slid deeper into Morgan's body, caressing the plush tissues. Morgan bore down, and he inserted another digit. Pushing deep he found Morgan's gland and with the barest of touches, the man came. He sealed their lips together to swallow Morgan's cry, so not to wake Bridget. Morgan wore a mask of triumphant ecstasy as his cock shot volley after volley of semen across his stomach and chest.

Sean removed his fingers, and with shaking hands slid the condom down his cock. He squirted some more lube on the polyisoprene barrier. Sean lifted Morgan lethargic legs and placed them on his shoulders. He positioned his cock at Morgan's entrance, and pushed into the stretched opening. He paused as the head of his cock popped through, gasping at the feel of Morgan's muscles clamping down on the intrusion. His hand caressed Morgan's stomach, and his lips sucked on one nipple. When the lockdown loosened he slid home.

Sean couldn't believe that he was finally inside Morgan. His lover's body slowly opened as if welcoming him home. His balls nested next to Morgan's. The orbs full and desperate to unload deep inside the ass wrapped tight around him.

"Fuck me, Sean."

He sank into Morgan's dark brown gaze. His soul exhilarated now that he'd finally claimed his man, bursting to shout in exultation. Sean plunged in and out of Morgan's body, whispering heated words of love. Morgan matched his rhythm, pushing down into each of his upward thrusts. Morgan's need matched his own. The hunger to consummate the relationship that had built between them for the past twenty five years burned Morgan's hypnotic eyes.

The momentum increased, and the sound of their bodies slapping together filled the air. Sean wrapped one hand around Morgan's cock, and stroked in time. He changed the angle of his hips, and nailed Morgan's prostate.

"Yes, Sean, fuck, I'm gonna come."

He cried out as bolts of electricity shot through his blood stream. Morgan's toes curled on his shoulders, and his head thrashed on the pillow. Sean's chest heaved breath in and out of his burning lungs, and his hands reached for Morgan's hips. He pulled the man in so their hips were welded together.

"Come for me Morgan. Let go love, I'll catch you."

Morgan's body vibrated below him. His hand quickened on the cock filling his palm. Then with a burst the dam broke, and Morgan's orgasm ripped through him. Hot cum sprayed between their bodies. Each shot caused Morgan's channel to pulse around his shaft, and his hips jackknifed into Morgan over and over, feeding the intense climax. Sean's balls tightened, his dick swelled. He arched his neck back, the tendons at his throat strained and he half feared his grip on Morgan's hips would leave bruises. With a gasping cry the pleasure consumed him, and he emptied every ounce of his being into his love.

* * * *

Small sounds came from the speaker beside the bed. Sean slowly blinked open his eyes, and by the light filtering into the room deduced that the morning was well underway. He and Morgan had made love repeatedly through the night, and the man was out cold next to him. He slowly slithered out of bed, pulled on a pair of Morgan's boxer briefs from the dresser, and went to check on Bridget. His little pumpkin had pulled herself up, and was standing in her crib, clutching the railing.

"Good morning."

He lifted Bridget out of her crib, and the baby babbled excitedly. Little hands patted his cheeks. He lifted her small arms out of the way, and blew a raspberry on her cheek. Peels of baby laughter echoed in the small room.

"Quiet now. We don't want to wake up your daddy," he said.

"Sounds like she's found the daddy she wants for now," Morgan said, walking up to Sean and Bridget.

Sean leaned in for a kiss from Morgan. Morgan lips were soft in the morning as the kiss lingered. Then Morgan's arm wrapped around his waist as he held Bridget. The three of them stood in an embrace, and Sean knew he'd made the right decision. The dreams of a real family he and Morgan had spent nights talking about together as children had finally come true.

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