About Trina Lane

I can be shy and boisterous, introverted and extroverted. I like to get dressed up in pretty clothes and think slippers, t-shirts and sweats are just fine. I love spending time with close friends and alone with a good book and glass of wine. I have been passionately addicted to romance novels since the age of thirteen and enjoy almost all genres of romance. My only requirement is that all reads have a happily ever after ending. When I am not devouring a new book by one of my favorite authors or thinking up new storylines for one of my own, you can usually find me

watching a movie with my husband and cat, working with my other passionate obsession photography, or listening to my iPod. Quite frequently a combination of all the above.

I started writing on a whim when one of the thousands of stories that float around in my head stuck during the daily commute to my office. As the week progressed the storyline got more elaborate. I decided to write it down and it eventually became SEALing Fate.

I want to encourage everyone not to be afraid of trying something new. It's scary and thrilling but the rewards can be great.