Trina Lane

Got Your Six

Northern CurrentsBook 2

Available on Amazon March 26, 2024

Making a living as a Coast Guard rescue swimmer, Jacob Sanders is in a constant battle against the elements of nature.

The ocean has always fascinated Jacob. Within its embrace, he's healed from the desolation and neglect of his time in the foster system. While his job of rescuing those in peril provides him with a sense of purpose, there is still a void in his soul. When the opportunity for some R&R arises, Jacob escapes to a hot springs resort located just outside Fairbanks, Alaska where he meets Holden. Under the enchantment of the northern lights and shared stories of their adventures, the two quickly bond. After an earthquake devastates the resort, they must navigate their way across the state, back to Jacob's duty station, battling both freezing temperatures and the unpredictable forces of nature.

Will they survive the arduous journey, or will they be ripped apart by the unforgiving power of Mother Nature?

Zero ControlBook 1

Available on Amazon October 17, 2023

Keiji Pacheo knows there is something very wrong with one of the smart weapons his company has fast-tracked for production. Something has to be done to protect millions of people from being targeted. But apparently, he is the only one willing. He needs help or artificial intelligence is going to run amok and destroy the world!

Sergeant Major Rick Davis thought it was going to be just another day at work, but he quickly finds himself defending his professional integrity, fleeing from the NSA, and racing around the world with a crazy, but seriously hot, software engineer. He never expected a cyber defense gig for the U.S. Army to turn into a real-life action movie. Therefore, it's only logical to ask just what IT gods he's pissed off.

Together Rick and Keiji have to figure out who they can trust to help them navigate the unexpectedly dangerous world of cyberwarfare. Along the way they discover there is nothing so simple as hitting reset or flipping off the power when the problems spread to other military systems. Keiji has to rely on Rick's skills to keep them alive, and Rick needs Keiji to stop the first set of smart weapons ready to deploy. Can they really make a difference when it seems like the whole world is against them?

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