Trina Lane

Sheild's Submissive


The steam swirling around her created a dreamlike atmosphere. The clouds obscured her vision but she didn't need to see clearly in order to know just who walked into the room behind her. For some elemental reason she always knew when he was near. She could feel his presence like an invisible force, an eddy that quickly towed you deep then left a lingering existence in your own soul. She didn't know if it was his scent or if he had a unique heat signature that allowed her to track him like the most sensitive military ordinance. She stood still almost to the corner of the small cubed space. The steam hissing out of the pipes was almost as loud as her own breathing. She felt every single fiber of the soft terry cloth towel wrapped around her naked body. Her nipples were straining against the threaded material. Begging for his touch. Slick moisture gathered on her skin from both the steam and her own intense desire. A soft groan escaped her lips and she tried to cover it with a soft cough but apparently he heard the sound anyway. His hands curved over her shoulders as he pulled her back into his body. She felt every hard line and defined muscle of his broad chest. His deep voice whispered seductively into her ear

"It's time to stop playing this game we've become so fond of Erica. It's been amusing up to this point but now the rules are going to change. You will become mine before the day is out."

Her voice sounded strange to her ears, slightly elevated and whisper soft. "What rules do you speak of Sir?"

His head bent down and a lock of his soft hair brushed against her neck. His hand trailed from her shoulder to graze her neck with one finger.

"You will follow my commands when and where I see fit. You will heed to my desires and I will fulfill yours. I can tell this excites you. I feel your pulse rushing just under your skin. I hear your breathing get shallower."

"Maybe that's just from the workout and the steam congesting my lungs"

His finger moved further down her neck to glance across her collarbone, down her chest and without any hesitation slipped beneath the towel to cup her left breast.

"Maybe, but if so why is your nipple hard?"

The first intimate touch of his hand against her skin was pure sensation. All thoughts evaporated like the steam cocooning their bodies. She leaned back and put her head on his shoulder. Exposing her neck to further invite his touch. His fingers gently massaged her nipple learning her texture and sensitivity. His palm cupped the underside of her breast.

His other hand came around and loosened the towel. As it fell to the damp floor beneath their feet Erica gasped and started to bring her hands up to cover herself before she recognized that the increase in steam really prevented him from seeing anything more below her breasts. It was actually quite arousing. Knowing that she was completely bare but still retaining the mysteries of her body. His hands skimmed down her sides, exploring the curves of her shape.

"Your skin is so soft, like satin. I'm dying to taste every single inch. Every soft curve and valley will know my touch."

He spun her around and cupping her breast leaned down. Her nipple was sucked into his mouth. An irrepressible groan left both their throats. His tongue rasped across the sensitive peak. Her other nipple was being rolled between his fingers.

His hand glided down her back. Arching into the touch she showed him without words how incredible he felt on her skin.

"Just one little touch my dear. I need just one touch to burn into my memory until we meet again."

Sheild's Submissive


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Sheild's Submissive


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