Trina Lane

Dreaming in Color

WaterColors Book 2

Amazon May 22, 2021

Phil Alcorn is a vivacious artist who has lived a relatively lonely life. He has acquaintances by the hundreds, casual lovers and friends by the dozens, but very few who know his real story. His best friend has found the love of his life, and the two of them are traveling the world. While Phil is very happy for them, he misses Gabe. Especially since with his best friend gone Phil had a lot more time to think about the man who'd opened his eyes to a new and terrifying world one winter.

Will Archer has spent his adolescent and adult life training and competing for the United States at the highest level across the world, but his mind frequently finds itself drifting toward the Californian coast where Phil lives and works amidst the hills and fog of San Francisco.

The two men have enjoyed a casual arrangement for the past two years, but while each of them sense the possibility of a deeper connection there is a real fear that if they change the rules then the very thing that connects them will disappear. Not to mention Phil's certainty that there is no such thing as 'happily ever after' between two people, and Will's listed address on the opposite side of the country. Will the pair be able to blend their hectic schedules and desires to create a masterpiece all their own, or will their fears and obstacles drown any chance they have at happiness?

In Dreams He Came Book 1

Amazon April 17, 2021

With a very active imagination and passion for all things history, University of California senior and veteran on the swim team Gabriel Mason often finds himself traveling to distant lands and times. There's always one constant in Gabe's dreams: a nameless man whose love completes Gabe's soul. Gabe is waiting for someone special in his "real" life as well, and his best friend Phil is determined to find Gabe his elusive knight in shining armor.

Nick Jackson, a university alum and Olympic swimming champion, immediately recognizes the quiet young man from the swim team and convinces Gabe to give them a chance at building something special. Considering the palpable attraction between them, Nick surprises himself by quickly agreeing to take their budding relationship slow. Unfortunately, real life is not a fantasy, and Nick's demanding schedule as a professional athlete and Gabe's obligations to the swim team and his degree make finding time to spend together difficult.

Have the two men found everlasting love, or will it all prove to be just another dream?

This book has been previously published, but is edited and expanded.

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